(WKBN) – Republican Congressman Mike Kelly, who represents Mercer and Lawrence counties, weighed in on $5 gas on Wednesday.

He didn’t personally blame President Joe Biden but rather, what he said was a “lack of understanding with how the world works.”

Poland’s Morgan Oil is right across the border from Lawrence County where, on Tuesday, gas was $4.79.

Kelly says what the United States has done is decrease its domestic supply of oil while asking Saudia Arabia to increase its production.

“I don’t want to buy and spend American dollars on people who want to upset America, completely defeat America. We didn’t have to do a lot of things that we’re doing today. I understand it’s a world market, I get that, but part of the world market is when the biggest consumer of gasoline — us — is out there and we’re going to affect that market,” Kelly said.

Kelly believes that the people in Washington making the decisions are out of touch with everyday people. He says they don’t understand the people of western Pennsylvania living on a budget.