BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A window cleaning company is hoping to make things a little easier for one woman who’s fighting or who has survived breast cancer.

Fish Window Cleaning is giving away a free window cleaning to the home of a breast cancer fighter or survivor.

It’s being done in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

FISH says breast cancer treatments can be time-consuming, exhausting and painful. The company believes that a window cleaning will help relieve some of the other every day burdens that the woman faces.

“It would have been especially hard for me to clean my own windows while undergoing treatment since upper body strength is needed. I was worn out, weak and in no condition for such a task and to climb ladders was out of the question,” says Sheila, a breast cancer survivor. “Just keeping up with daily cleaning tasks became almost impossible. It was really great how my friends, family and community rallied around to help me by providing meals and helping keep my house clean. A free window cleaning could really brighten up a breast cancer fighter’s day, for sure.”

To enter to win a free window cleaning, breast cancer fighters or survivors can be nominated through Fish’s website through an information form and a brief description of her breast cancer story.

Nominations open on October 7 and will remain open through the end of the month.

The winning home will be announced on November 1.

There are participating locations across the country, so even if a loved one is fighting cancer outside your city, you may be able to nominate them.