PULASKI, Pa. (WKBN) — For the 79th year, the Pulaski community has held its Memorial Day service to honor all the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Community members gathered at the Honor Roll on the corner of Grell Street and state Route 208 to pay their respects.

“Freedom ain’t free,” said veteran Robert Taylor with VFW West Middlesex. “You got people who died to give you the freedom to do what you want.”

The names of 12 soldiers can be seen on a memorial that sits in the village — the names are of brave veterans who passed, dating from World War I to the Vietnam and Korean wars. The veterans are from the village and surrounding areas.

“It’s really the biggest holiday of the year to take the time and honor those who have actually died for us,” said coordinator and veteran Lewis Grell.

A proud village could be seen gathered around the memorial, reflecting on what this holiday truly means.

“If it wasn’t for these guys — the veterans that got killed in action and gave their time to service our community — in World War II, Germany would have won and we would all be speaking German right now,” Taylor said.

The goal of the ceremony was to honor every veteran that has passed.

“Some from the actual combat of the wars, and others after they have came back and just passed away,” Taylor said.

Veterans at the memorial said gratitude for those who have served goes a long way.

“When you see a veteran, just walk up, shake their hand or tip your hat, and thank them for their service,” Taylor said.