BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Sunday, the Hannah Strong Foundation hosted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at Boardman Park to support her treatment.

Hannah Tringhese is 12 years old and has an inoperable brain tumor.

The Christmas-themed spaghetti dinner is raising money for her ongoing medical treatments. In addition to her inoperable tumor, she also has neurofibromatosis — a genetic disorder that causes tumors around nerves.

“She’s going to have this with her. It’s inoperable, and so we’re going to continue to raise money for her visits, for her hospital bills. They’re just going to continue to add up through her entire life,” said Hannah Strong committee member Tamra Lucas.

Tringhese was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis at 5 years old.

“She has started to lose some of her vision, she has started to lose some of her sense of smell and taste and then just as things progress, there will be new things along the way,” Lucas said.

Tringhese has to go to Cincinnati once a month for extensive testing. The money they raise will be used to support that treatment.

“Every single penny goes to the Tringhese family for Hannah’s medical expenses, for traveling expenses while they get her testing done, every single thing,” Lucas said.

Lucas said it’s special to see the community support the Tringhese family.

“It feels good to help, it feels good to serve this family and I know this family personally and they would do it for anyone,” she said.

Lucas says Tringhese is constantly adapting to her condition.

“She’s learning new things and she’s conquering it and she’s doing great and she’s learning how to live everyday life with this carried on her shoulders,” she said.

The Hannah Strong Foundation will host more fundraisers after the new year, so Hannah’s family can continue her treatment without worry.