Community reacts to Youngstown shootings

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Neighbors in Youngstown are angered by the violence and some are starting to lose hope

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police were called to a deadly shooting at a North Side club in Youngstown earlier Sunday morning where three people were killed.

It happened at the Brothers of Power Classic Cars Club at Logan and Tacoma avenues around 3:45 a.m.

First News Reporter Briana Ray-Turner returned to the scene later to talk with members in the community to get their reactions.

Neighbors in Youngstown are angered by the violence and some are starting to lose hope.

“I feel really bad about it and, unfortunately, this is Youngstown and things happen like that here,” said one neighbor.

According to YPD, Youngstown has hit a total of five homicides so far this year, and we’re only in February.

“This isn’t the best area, but this isn’t the worst area,” another neighbor said.

Pastor Lewis Macklin from Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church says our focus shouldn’t just be on the location.

“To assume because of a club or entertainment venue that that is the source of the problem–it’s actually those who patronize or come onto those venues with poor impulse control and necessarily no desire for respect for humanity,” said Macklin.

Macklin also says Youngstown faces challenges just like other cities, but what’s important are the next steps you take moving forward.

“I’m not one simply to deny or ignore challenges in the community. I just want others to know very clearly that there is plenty of opportunities for all of us to help change the narrative and the environment, means we have to be proactive participants.” Macklin said.

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