YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A 16-year-old teen from the South Side of Youngstown is still in awe after the community pitched in to buy him a new lawn mower.

Aubrayle Wright is a sophomore at Chaney High School. He says he wanted to make some extra money, which is why he started cutting grass in the neighborhood.

“People need their grass cut, not a lot of people come around back in our area and ask people if they need their grass cut,” Wright said.

But, one of the neighbors noticed that he needed a new mower.

“The first one he had, it was kinda falling apart. Then, the second time, every couple of feet he was messing with the tires and stuff like that. So, I just figured it was something nice we could do for him,” said Ryan Fleet, the resident of the home.

So Fleet decided to take to Facebook. He put up a post asking if some people in the community could pitch in and help the teen. Within hours, the goal was accomplished.

“Two hours later we got $450, and the very next day we got $250. I honestly thought it was gonna take like a week or two, or something like that,” Fleet said.

Ryan Fleet, Aubrayle Wright

Wright says he never expected it.

“I couldn’t believe all the support and all the love I was getting. Like, it was crazy,” Wright said. “It made me feel just joyful.”

Fleet went to Home Depot to purchase the lawn mower, and to his surprise, he was given $100 off by the store in order to support the teen as well.

In addition to the lawn mower, extra money was sent and Fleet handed it over to Wright. He says he’s going to use it to start a business.

“We might as well go bigger. So, why not start a business? So, I was gonna start a business, and get some equipment, get an LLC,” he said.

“I think he’s just a really good worker and if he could find more clients, that would be perfect for him,” Fleet said.

Aubrayle Wright, Ryan Fleet, Damari Hover

Wright said his friend Damari Hover, another Youngstown teen, inspired him to start his own business.

Hover also started his own business to make extra money. He has a detailing business and a clothing line. He uses his Instagram page to try and find clients.

Both teens say it’s not just about making money though, they want to help make the city a better place.