Community members hold results against violence forum

Local News

Community activists in Youngstown are taking a stand to the violence.

Instead of having a meeting, they had what they called a results against violence forum in their community.

The organizers say they are tired of having meetings after meetings about stopping the violence. 

They say at this point, they need action and real change. So they opened the forum up to all members of the community to come and brainstorm about how they can help curb the violence in Youngstown.

“No disrespect, but to the people that want to have those 50 meetings, I’m not doing that. I’m doing this so when I don’t show up at your meetings, that means I don’t have time to. We’re eating meatballs. We’re going to eat some meat, we going to feed our souls and we gonna help our city,” said organizer Trina Williams.

This was their first forum and they plan to have one once a month.

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