CHAMBERSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) — A farm in Columbiana County lost multiple barns in a fire last Friday. The damages have not stopped the family from continuing their work.

It’s been one week since barns at Whiteleather Farms were up in flames and a lot of work has already gone into the cleanup.

“If there had been some wind like today, we probably would have lost mostly everything,” said co-owner Lawrence Whiteleather.

Three barns burned down one of which was 140 years old. 65 calves also died, but a few dairy cows were saved.

The family herded them into a field behind the barns. All of them are now okay.

“A couple of them that were calved out in the heat were struggling at first, but we gave them fluids and we’re able to keep them going and they’re doing fine,” said Lawrence.

The farm was functioning again just hours after the flames were put out which would not have been possible without support from the community.

“We still milked at 11:00 that night and we had a generator running at the milking parlor,” said co-owner Glenn Whiteleather. “It’s unreal. It’s just totally unreal how everybody has come in and helped. There’s no words to explain it. You couldn’t ask for anymore.”

“You know, it was immense pouring out of love. You know, so much love. It was appreciative,” said Lawrence.

Neighbors have been helping to clean the debris. They even helped the cows.

“Saturday morning, they had seven cattle trailers and cows around here in different locations, a different farms,” said Glenn.

The Whiteleathers plan to rebuild what was lost. For now, they’re grateful to still have their farm.

“The neighbors were here to clean up the neighbors been here all the time and it’s been unreal how everybody’s been here,” said Glenn.

“We’re able to continue on and we’re fortunate, and I’m thankful and blessed,” said Lawrence.