GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — The roof of Small World Animal Shelter remains damaged following the storm last weekend. The owner told First News she had trouble finding a roofer because it’s a plastic roof. But, after the story aired, calls started coming in from people willing to help.

With more wind and rain in the forecast, Veronica Caruso is preparing Small World Animal Shelter for more possible damage.

“See that black thing? So this is reheld down, and probably because we don’t use that area that will be fine, it’s this end,” Caruso said, pointing out various spots on the roof.

After the storm, Caruso and a friend patched a hold in the plastic roof with a tarp. It was to protect an area where the cats roam.

She said the type of roof made it difficult to find help, but since our story aired, she’s had 9 groups reach out.

“Some will do the whole entire thing for our donation — we’re a 501c. Some will do labor, some will do the products,” Caruso said.

Right now, she’s still deciding which company will do the work. But she was told they have to keep the roof plastic, then they’ll replace that section with something stronger. She says this will prevent leaking in the roof, which used to be a flower shop.

Caruso and her friend had to redo a portion that a blue tarp is covering.

“Well, that blue tarp had moved and, see this part that’s hanging down, [it] never used to hang down. So the rest of it was blowing. That hole looked like that. So we had to redo it, see it’s taped now,” Caruso said.

While she says it’s all about protecting the cats, she also wants a safe building for the children with special needs and people with court-ordered community service who visit the shelter.