CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – On Thursday, people across the country marked the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol. In Canfield, we found out what this day means to community members on a local level.

About 20 people gathered outside of the Canfield library to honor those who lost their lives protecting the U.S. Capitol one year ago.

“The main point was to make sure that the Mahoning Valley had some representation in terms of commemorating the officers that lost their lives during the insurrection, but also remembering the day for what it was and the importance to our country,” said event organizer Ron Cabuno.

Cabuno led the group on a snowy walk to the gazebo on the Canfield green.

“It is really, really cold and it is snowing. I could understand if nobody wanted to come but I know that enough people around here and around the community feel that it is important to at least show up and show solidarity for the cause,” Cabuno said.

Attendees prayed together as well and stopped for a moment of silence. The names of the fallen officers were also said aloud.

“I want them to be remembered as the heroes they were. They died doing more than their job and they are America’s heroes,” said Canfield resident Tony Stratis.

To end the service, Taps was played on the green.

Many in attendance believe January 6, 2021 should never be forgotten.

“I believe that in order for us to really understand the severity of what happened on January 6, we need to remember it for the lives that were lost, for the impact it was on our democracy,” Stratis said.

President Joe Biden marked the first anniversary by delivering remarks. He said the democracy was attacked and also put blame on former President Donald Trump.

Trump responded in an emailed statement by saying, “Biden used my name today to try to further divide America.”