HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – A family in Hermitage is holding their family dog a bit closer tonight.
Their pup Huck ran off and had not been seen for nearly a week.

With some help from the community, he was thankfully brought home safely in time for the holiday weekend.

“Nobody wants their dog to be missing,” said Courtney Ivan, Huck’s owner.

Mercer County Humane Officer Courtney Ivan experienced the tables turn. Her family dog Huck went missing on December 16.

“Things happen, no matter what, no matter who you are. You know, I’m a humane agent, and here’s my dog running for six days. But it shows that it doesn’t matter how safe you are. Sometimes accidents happen,” said Ivan.

Huck and a couple of their dogs got out through a broken fence panel. Two of them returned… without Huck.

Ivan and her family began searching. She posted on social media asking for the community’s help. The post gained traction.

“The response was incredible to see how many people wanted to help my dog,” said Ivan.

Urgency set in with the incoming winter storm and wind chills that were well below zero. But finally, on Thursday, Huck was seen over four miles from his home near the intersection of Keel Ridge Road and East State Street.

“He finally came to me which took a few minutes. He finally came to me and I grabbed onto his collar and I don’t know if it was excitement. We were all crying, my sister’s over there, she was crying. We’re trying to hold on to him because there’s no way he’s running again,” said Ivan.

Ivan got a lot of advice on how to safely find and search from Pet Recovery of Centre County from central Pennsylvania, including not chasing or running after him.

Ivan says though she is very grateful for the support from the community she says she hopes to see this continue on for other families when they are missing pets as well.