YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Lawmakers in Columbus are trying to help the thousands who will soon see their federal food stamp and Medicaid benefits reduced.

Freshman State Rep. Lauren McNally attended Thursday morning’s Mahoning County Commissioners’ meeting.

She said though Washington will be cutting benefits back to pre-pandemic levels starting this spring, lawmakers are discussing ways of supporting local jobs and family service offices around the state.

“It will allow for both the public to be prepared for and have a chance to comment on things that are being offered as amendments or substitute bills, as well as the committee members themselves know what it is they’re going to vote on or discuss beforehand,” McNally said.

The online portal is still in development but should be online soon, McNally told commissioners.

McNally said lawmakers are also discussing potential financial support for foodbanks and pantries, which could see increasing demand when food stamp benefits are reduced.