WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko wants the county’s new Human Resources director placed on unpaid leave.

Frenchko made a motion to place Charles Leightner on leave pending an “investigation as to policy violations, including assault,” effective immediately.

This comes the day after Frenchko reported she was assaulted by Leightner.

According to a report from the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, Frenchko told deputies that Leightner struck her with a fist in her right upper ribcage area.

The report states that Frenchko was crying and that she stated that she was in pain. An ambulance was called to the scene, but she refused transport to the hospital.

Leightner told deputies that he never touched Frenchko.

“There is an EMT report that shows an injury, and you want to allow him to be here,” Frenchko said during Wednesday’s meeting.

“There were witnesses in that room, Miss Frenchko,” Commissioner Frank Fuda responded.

“And if anyone was hostile, they said it was you,” added Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa.

According to the Trumbull County Sheriff’s report, a worker who was in a meeting with Leightner prior to the incident told deputies that Frenchko walked into the office and wanted to know what they were talking about, and she wanted to see a copy of Leightner’s notes. He said Leightner responded that it was none of her business to which Frenchko responded that they were open records. He said Leightner left the room, and Frenchko took Leightner’s notebook and began to make copies.

The man said he wasn’t looking but heard a “stomp” and Frenchko yell, “call 911.”

Another woman who works in the office said she saw the incident play out in the mirror above her office door. The woman said Leightner did not touch Frenchko or go after her in any way, but that he went to grab his notebook, which was sitting on a pile of boxes at the time.

Leightner said when he grabbed his notebook, Frenchko yelled to call 911, and he said he never touched Frenchko at that time. He said this situation has been going on since he started working there just two days prior, according to the report.

Frenchko’s motion to place Leightner on leave died as the other commissioners would not second it on Wednesday.

At this point, Leightner has not been charged.

Chelsea Simeon contributed to this report.