COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — An intense search for a lost dog is now on its sixth day around the city of Columbiana and the family of the dog is doing everything possible to find him.

His name is Remy, a nine-month-old Aussie-Doodle, and at this point, the best hope of finding him is to trap him.

Friday afternoon in a field off Kelly Park Road near Route 164, southeast of Columbiana, father and daughter Rick and Brynn Pennell walked toward the spot where Friday morning Brynn came face to face with her dad’s lost dog named Remy.

“He stands and stares at me for about 30 seconds and then he just slowly walks away back over. So I don’t think I scared him but I don’t think he was attracted to me,” said Brynn.

“He’d been with me about three weeks. Just got my backyard fenced in,” said Rick.

After Rick recently retired he decided to get a dog. He settled on Remy who on Sunday broke free of his leash and took off.

“So until one o’clock in the morning, all day Sunday into Monday morning we were out driving around looking for him at various sightings that were called in,” said Rick.

In the days since Remy’s disappearance, the Pennells have searched a five-mile radius around Columbiana on foot and with drones. Lost dog signs have been posted. They’ve also set baited traps and secured the help of the Columbus-based Lost Pet Recovery — a nonprofit formed in 2017.

“And try to get donations to help fund things, you know the equipment, the gas cost for running all over the state of Ohio,” said Don Corsmeier with Lost Pet Recovery.

The trap was provided by the Columbiana County Dog Warden. The camera monitoring the trap was donated by Lost Pet Recovery. It’s activated by movement. Rick showed triggering the camera. If it would have been Remy, the Pennells would have been notified.

“Every time we put a trap out, there’s a camera on it. No exceptions,” said Corsmeier.

Remy was pictured Friday afternoon running through a field. He’s dirty and appears to be walking with a limp. The search is taking an emotional toll.

“My daughter keeps coming back and forth from Cleveland and does a tremendous job with her job and helping me,” said Rick.

Since leaving the Pennells around 4 p.m. there have been 15 sightings of Remy along Route 164.

If you see him, call Columbiana Police at 330-482-9292 who will call the Pennells. Don’t chase him — you won’t catch him. It’s his territory. Stay still, avoid eye contact and, if possible, let the dog come to you.