Columbiana woman in need of kidney looking to raise awareness about kidney donations

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Deb Towns has an information page about how a live kidney donation can help her or others

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – The human body is an amazing machine but sometimes it breaks down. A Columbiana woman is in need of a kidney donation. Raising awareness about her condition could help her or someone else.

Deb Towns looks out the window of her home, and you’d think her future is as bright as the sun bouncing off the snow.

“You’re not seeing my kidneys is what you’re not seeing,” she said.

Towns has polycystic kidney disease. Her kidneys get larger because of cysts that form on them.

“Combined, my kidneys function at about a 14% level. So once it gets below 10% then it’s either a kidney transplant or dialysis,” she said.

The cysts hinder the kidney from doing its job.

Her condition is inherited. Towns’ mother and grandfather had it, and her son also has it.

She is on four registries, hoping to get a donor’s kidney, and has an information page about how a live kidney donation can help her or others.

“But I think when you realize how many lives can be saved and prolonged by doing live donation, you should just look into it,” she said.

Towns drinks over 10 glasses of water a day to help flush her body. She’s a vegetarian because meat proteins are bad for her conditions. She takes multiple medicines to also help.

She stays in shape so she’s ready, in case she can find a kidney donor.

“So I’m just kinda out there seeing if somebody else wants to be a hero and provide a better life and a further life for me,” she said.

You can research being a live kidney donor by visiting Towns’ web page. You can also call the Cleveland Clinic Living Donor Program at 1-800-223-2273.

Towns is also on the following registries under Deborah A. Towns:

OSU Living Kidney Donor Program
UPCM Living Donor Kidney Program

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