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Parents will have a variety of options, depending on the level of risk of COVID-19

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – The Columbiana Village Schools District released their full back to school plan for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Parents will have a variety of options, depending on the level of risk of COVID-19. As of Monday, all counties in the Valley are at a level two. Visit the Ohio Department of Health website for the latest information.

There are more options depending on risk in the district for COVID-19 and goes as follows:

Level One (Active exposure and spread. Follow all current health orders)

  • Traditional Learning (face to face 5 days a week)
  • Remote Learning
  • Online Learning

Level Two (Increased exposure and spread. Exercise high degree of caution. Follow all current health orders)

  • Traditional Learning (face to face 5 days a week)
  • Remote Learning
  • Online Learning

Level Three (Very high exposure and spread. Limit activities as much as possible. Follow all current health orders)

  • Remote Learning
  • Alternate Schedule for Traditional (face to face)
  • Online Learning

Level Four (Severe exposure and spread. Only leave home for supplies and services. Follow all current health orders)

  • Remote Learning all students
  • Online Learning

Remote learning may include a combination of online, self-directed and/or site-based instructional strategies. Remote learning will be an important contributor to sustaining educational opportunities for students while not in the traditional school environment.

Students enrolled in remote learning may transition from remote learning to the traditional in-person instruction given the availability of seat space.

The basis of this type of learning presents a combination of in-person instruction with synchronous or asynchronous learning methods. The blended format requires that a student have access to an alternative learning environment outside of the school district.

Computer devices and access to the internet capable of streaming video improves the opportunity to be successful in a blended learning environment.

The district’s ‘Alternative Schedule’ will utilize a blended learning format. This hybrid schedule
will divide students into two groups to best manage the level 3 guidance for increased mitigation
to an increased risk of COVID-19.

Students will be placed into an Aviator group or Pilot group for a minimum of two days of in-person traditional instruction. The Aviator group will have traditional instruction on Monday and Wednesday with remote learning Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The Pilot Group will have traditional instruction on Tuesday and Thursday with remote learning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

An alternative instructional schedule will be necessary based on the evaluation of the health department’s determination issuing a level 3 risk of one or all of our buildings during the course of the coming school year. The district says they will provide as much advance notice to parents and guardians as possible in the event of a change to an alternative schedule.

There will be a full, online program as an option for students. It is a self-driven, web-based curriculum where students take courses through computer content over the internet. The district utilizes Jefferson Virtual Learning Academy for the curriculum and LMS. Students who enroll in VLA courses must do so for a minimum of a semester at time. This version of education does not provide students with curriculum content or direct instruction from the Columbiana Exempted Village instructional staff.

Below is the full reopening plan for Columbiana Village Schools.

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