COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Damage from last week’s storms is still being accounted for. Early Friday morning, the Columbiana County Park District was told a number of trees had fallen, blocking parts of the Greenway Trail. We talked to one official who says it’s going to be costly to remove them.

A portion of the Greenway Trail off of Eagleton Road has caution tape on the post, warning any walkers and riders to not use the trail. That’s because a mile down, between mile marker four and five, it’s blocked.

“There’s over 100 trees down there. It’s probably about less than two-tenths of a mile stretch. So it’s really dense in there,” said Eileen Dray-Bardon, chairman of the park board.

The park district’s maintenance man called the members of the board when he saw it. He said it was a job he couldn’t do himself.

“John’s pretty much a master with a chainsaw and when he said to me, ‘We’re going to need professional help. It’s too dangerous to get in there and try to do anything because there’s some really big trees,'” said Dray-Bardon.

Monday morning, a company came out to give them an estimate. Dray-Bardon says it came out to about $25,000, just to clear it. They are looking to get another estimate, although that’s just the start.

“Possibly some damage to the trail. The fencing there, that’s a steep area so there is fencing along there. So, that’s all going to have to be repaired as well,” said Dray-Bardon.

They won’t know how badly the trail is damaged until the trees are removed.

Dray-Bardon says she’s been in contact with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources since there’s a stream nearby.

Since failing twice to get a levy passed, the park district hasn’t come into any new money, and the $25,000 alone is a large chunk of their funds.

“I already made some inquiries to see if there’s any kind of assistance available through the Emergency Management Agency and they said homeowners, yes, but not recreational areas are eligible for any kind of funding,” said Dray-Bardon.

The park district is asking for the public to stay away from this part of the trail for safety concerns.

For updates on the trail, visit the Columbiana County Park District’s Facebook.