WEST POINT, Ohio (WKBN) – A local convenience store in West Point is closing its doors this weekend. The owners said they have loved serving the community over the past 40 years.

“We’ve been here for 40 years and we always made it through. But this time, we just can’t. We can’t quite make it,” said owner Dolly Campbell.

Campbell opened up Campbell Grocery back in December 1981.

While working at the store, Campbell was also a third-grade teacher at West Point Elementary. She even taught our very own Storm Team 27 Meteorologist Paul Wetzl.

Campbell said she has enjoyed interacting with customers over the years.

“The community is very nice people. They tell ya about everything, ya know? And they’re just like your family,” she said.

Campbell says they have faced challenges with COVID-19 and that’s why they have to close their doors.

“The second phase of COVID, it hasn’t worked out at all. People just aren’t coming in,” she said.

Marie Taylor, who has been an employee at Campbell’s Grocery for 17 years, believes people are shopping at bigger stores.

“You can’t blame somebody for wanting to go get something cheaper, it’s just the way the world is, but we just can’t compete with their prices,” Taylor said.

Many customers who have come in and out of the door say Campbell’s Grocery is a staple in West Point.

“It’s a hometown store, ya know? Everybody knows you by name. We know them by name, they know us by name. It’s sad to see them go,” said customer Tom Clark.

The Campbell family isn’t going far. They will expand their pool shop “Summer Fun,” which is in the same building. However, Dolly said it’s going to be hard not seeing her daily customers.

“I’m going to miss them terribly. They’re going to miss me but I’m going to miss them,” she said.

The store will close its doors officially this Sunday, Jan. 16.