SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – For most of us, when we want to go to sleep, we go to our bed, but some kids don’t have that luxury. One group in Columbiana County is attempting to fix that problem.

Making a bed is more than just throwing the covers on top. It’s going from boards of wood to an actual bed, a process the Columbiana County Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace takes on.

“We’re building 25 beds today for the kids in Columbiana County so they have beds to sleep in at night,” said Melanie Harr, a memeber of the chapter.

Sunday’s build was held at Adele’s Restaurant in Salem.

They have about 10 members, but it takes a lot of volunteers to build this many beds, from cutting to sanding, drilling to staining.

Once done, they put it together at the child’s home.

“Their expression, their gratitude — some of them even help put the slats in the bed and whatever they can do to build it. It’s just overwhelming. You cannot express it,” Melanie said.

But the more the group builds, the more requests come in.

“All of sudden, we get an influx. The people see that we’re out here doing this and all of a sudden, we’ll get 15 people that will be like, ‘Oh, they’re building beds, let’s request a bed,'” said Junior Harr, another member.

This chapter is only about six months old, and they say it’s been crazy so far.

“I never really would have thought the outpouring of support we have for this and to be honest, the need for beds in this area,” said Ryan Smith, a member of the chapter.

October will mark their one year anniversary, and they have big plans between now and then.

“We’re going to have hundreds of beds hopefully. We’re going to have everywhere opened up. We’re going to be delivering, we’re going to have delivery teams. We’re going to have trailers. It’s going to be massive,” Smith said.

They are planning a build for June 12 during the super cruise.

They hope to build 100 beds.