(WKBN) — August is recognized as Child Support Awareness month in Ohio, and the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office said they are going to go after those who haven’t paid — some who haven’t paid in 20 years.

The backlog of unpaid child support the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office says they are facing is $48 million.

“From 2014 to 2022, I think the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office indicted nine felony non-support cases,” said Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Linger.

This month, they’ve taken a more aggressive approach by indicting 30 felony non-support cases so far.

Linger has no clue why there was a backlog but prosecutors try to work with the public before going to court.

“Multitude of programs available at CSEA (Child Support Enforcement Agency) to assist in job finding. A lot of people have barriers, rather it would be transportation, felony records,” said Linger.

There are multiple ways to pay but Linger said some people just choose not to.

Just north of 8,500 cases.

“There are cases where people have not paid, yes, in 20 years,” said Linger.

The first offense is 30 days, tack on another 30 for each additional offense. Support payment is different in each case. The lack of pay ends up affecting the child.

“Very basic needs, housing, food, things of that nature. Children that are financially supported by both parents tend to do better in school, have better opportunities for advancement and just their overall well-being is improved,” said Linger.

Right now, over 700 people could be felony indicted.

“Quite frankly, it’s unfair to those children that they aren’t receiving the financial assistance that they need to prosper,” said Linger.