COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – The Chamber of Commerce decided to cancel its Fourth of July Fireworks at Shaker Woods because, according to the executive director, the community has been divided over Fourth of July Fireworks. That means Columbiana will have one fireworks display on the fourth at Firestone Park.

Erich Offenburg Executive Director of The Columbiana Chamber of Commerce Monday afternoon stood on the roundabout and explained why the chamber canceled the Fourth of July Fireworks display at Shaker Woods.

“A lot of divide has happened here in Columbiana because of the two events. The chamber made a decision not to be a part of that divide anymore,” said Offenburg.

Shaker Woods was used last year because Firestone Park was being renovated and the Shaker Woods fireworks were considered successful.

“The size of that display would have not have been able to have been done in the park. And so we decided to move it back out to shaker woods,” said Offenburg.

But Firestone Park has hosted Fourth of July fireworks for at least 75 years. It was a tradition people like Tim Spiker and David Guy didn’t want to lose.

“Ever since I was a little kid my only memory of the Fourth of July is coming to Firestone Park. Celebrating with family and friends,” said Guy.

So Spiker and Guy formed a committee called Fireworks at Firestone.

“We started out originally with just a measly $7,500 to $$8,000 budget,” said Spiker.

But then the movement grew — and eventually, Fireworks at Firestone found itself with 30 sponsors and a $20,000 budget.

“But there was clearly a group of people that were behind what we were trying to do,” said,” said Spiker.

It looked as if Columbiana would host two fireworks displays — one at Firestone and one at Shaker Woods — until Shaker Woods was canceled.

“It’s clear what the community stood behind. I’m not sure if that made an impact on their decision. But we’re just excited to move forward with what we have going on,” said Spiker.

“And we’ve never been against that organization. We think it was great that they organized and were able to check off all the boxes to have an event in the park like that,” said Offenburg.

Offenburg said the Chamber was not making any money by holding fireworks at Shaker Woods. He also said the chamber plans to make a donation to Fireworks at Firestone.