COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – On Monday in Columbiana, overlooking downtown, two boys under eight sat in barber chairs, each getting haircuts you’d see on young boys in 2023. The space has been a barber shop for a long time, but this barber shop now has a new owner.

Seven-year-old Brody Stokes sat patiently Monday afternoon in the barber chair.

Stokes: “It’s a really good barber shop.”
Reporter Stan Boney: “You like this place?”
Stokes: “Yep.”

Cutting angles into Stokes’ hair with a straight blade was 30-year-old Tommy Mastran, the owner of what’s now called The Barber Shop of Columbiana. It’s in the same building where Don’s Barber Shop was located for 64 years, right on Main Street, 30 steps from the roundabout.

“You gotta continue a barber shop here. It was a no-brainer,” Mastran said.

Joining Mastran were three other barbers who on Monday were all busy — some with kids, some with adults. After Mastran took over the space, he redid the entire shop — the lighting, chairs, floor and decor — even the barber poles outside are new.

“We wanted to come in and kind of still keep that feel but just kind of modernizing it, go from there. That’s pretty much it. But yeah, it’s a lot different,” Mastran said.

“Bring in that new-school feeling into the area, something that was lacking in this town,” said Jake Ward, who grew up in Columbiana and manages the shop.

Ward’s grandfather was also a barber. In fact, there’s a photo in the shop of Ward as a child getting his hair cut by his grandfather. Ward is thrilled to be working in his hometown.

“I had known Tommy for a couple years. So when he gave me the call and said, ‘Hey man, I’m moving something into your hometown. I’d love for you to come run it for me.’ I was jumping at the bit. I couldn’t wait,” Ward said.

About 80% of the business is kids.

“Therefore, when you start them and they’re super young, you’ll have them all the way through high school,” Mastran said.

When Mastran was done, Stokes was turned to the mirror for the first look of his new cut.

Stokes: “I like it.”
Mastran: “Looks good?”
Stokes: “Yep.”

Mastran also owns The Barber Shop of Boardman. We asked if he would consider expanding even more beyond the two he already owns. He said he’d think about it if the right opportunity arose.