College students’ start-up gives back to Hermitage veterans organization

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A couple of college kids found a way to take a military parachute and turn it into everyday products. They even started up their own business doing it, with most of the money going to a special cause.

Michael Bonnett and Levi Roberts are still in school but they also own a business called Chute.

The company has only been around for a few months. They get the parachutes from local military surplus stores.

It was their first product that really got the business going.

“We ended up having our first drawstring bag and immediately after start-up weekend, Chute really took stride,” Bonnett said.

They branched out to make bandanas, too, and there are some new products in the works.

“This hammock, since day one we’ve been wanting to make and we’re going to try and make that this coming winter,” Roberts said.

Although they were taking big steps financially, they stuck to their main purpose for starting the company.

“We had our other friend, Stephen, who, he had an uncle pass in Afghanistan in 2010. He was an Army Ranger Paratrooper and he said if we do end up doing this…we should give back to the veterans,” Bonnett said.

They have already given several donations, with the biggest check being $500. There is one veterans organization in Hermitage that’s special to them.

“The Guardian’s Nest, which is a one-stop shop for all veterans resources and we’re like, ‘Who better to give it to than the Guardian’s Nest?'” Bonnett said.

The two are setting the bar high for their company.

“Expand it to all of PA and then from there, if we can say we helped this many veterans in PA, we would like to branch out,” Bonnett said.

If you would like to shop their products, contact them through Chute’s Facebook page.

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