CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Nearly 2,900 action figure fans and 160 vendors showed up for the Super Toy Events show at the Canfield Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Figures and memorabilia from Pokemon, X-MEN and Star Wars were there.

Toy collectors Brian Collingwood and Frank Durastante shared why they love to collect new and vintage toys.

“To have those items that most people can’t find, that’s the goal of every collector, to either amass either the biggest collection or to find that one item that very few people have,” Durastante said.

That begs the question: what qualities should a good collector possess? Greg Bartholemew, owner of All American Comics & Cards in Boardman thinks that it is nice when customers know what they’re looking for.

“People who are decisive in what they want, people will come into my shop with lists of comic books they’re looking for an they’ll look through our back issues for particular issues like that.” Bartholemew said.

Brian and Frank said that new collectors should do their homework and continue to learn about what their buying.

“Know that some things are going to be a high price and do your research,” Durastante said.

Lifelong friendships between collectors can be made as well. Brian and Frank have been friends for nearly 15 years and they met at places like these.

“We were both into Star Wars, Brian showed me his amazing collection and I said, ‘”Wow, I want to aspire be to that,'” Durastante said.

Collectors are looking forward to the next event later this year.

“Everybody is happy, nobody is leaving empty handed,” Collingway said.

Super Toy Events promoter Corey Ward said that the show was very well received.

“We provided a very nice show for the collectors, vendors, and spectators and we look forward to doing many more here,” Ward said.

The next Super Toy Event in Canfield will be Nov. 13.