Co-founder of the Colony Youngstown says $10,000 grant will go back into the community

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“Our focus is really, community engagement, community involvement and cultural enrichment,” said Keland Logan, co-founder of the Colony Youngstown.

The Colony Youngstown is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the community.

“We started off doing clean-ups and volunteering at City Kids Care events, Red Zone events to lend that extra hand. You know that colony mindset of the collective working together to ensure that we all are thriving. So that’s really what the essence of the colony is all about,” Logan said.

Recently, the Cafaro Foundation granted the Colony $10,000 for its efforts in the community. 

“The funds are going to the development of plans for Emerald Corridor, which is a project that we’re doing in partnership with Mahoning County Land Bank,” Logan said.

The Emerald Corridor is a three-year vacant land repurposing project. Its purpose is to mitigate stormwater runoff.

“And also, to help pay for a trip to Washington DC to advocate with our senators and our partners on Capitol Hill around workforce development and sustainable green initiatives. A portion of it also did go to helping to develop a website for cultural enrichment initiative that we’re doing next fall, titled the ‘I am A Poem’ poetry festival and scholarship,” Logan said.

Logan said it’s important to join together as a community and give back.

As a young non-profit, it’s exciting to have support here in the Valley, and it just shows the resilience of the people and the leadership here in the Valley. And, I would encourage everybody, in some way, whatever it is that you can contribute. Whether it’s a helping hand, if it’s funding, whatever it is go the extra mile because this Valley deserves it,” he said.

Logan said, anyone interested in volunteering with the Colony can do so on its website,  

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