Close Before You Doze prevents fires from spreading

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The Close Before You Doze campaign is a slogan to get people to close their bedroom doors before they go to sleep at night. It isn’t a new concept for firefighters, but now they have the research to back it.

The National Institute of Safety and Technology studied lots of bedroom conditions after a fire. They looked at what happens when doors are closed and when they are open.

When a door is closed, it won’t stop a fire, but it helps to hold back heat and smoke. It also slows down the progress of fire into a room and the temperature difference between the two rooms can be in the hundreds. 

“It’s amazing. You go out there and look at the videos on the internet of the conditions of the inside of a bedroom when the door is closed versus open. They light fires in the hallways, shut the door, and the bedroom looks untouched. there’s no smoke damage or minimal smoke damage at the ceiling level. When the door is open, the rooms are completely burned out and virtually no chance of survival,” said Lt. Will Ferando, of the Boardman Fire Department. 

The biggest cause of fires while sleeping is cooking while tired. People put something on the stove, fall asleep and wake up to a smoke-filled room. 

The Close Before You Doze program is something fire departments have been doing for years. Now, the National Institute of Safety and Technology has backed the idea with proof. 

Studies were conducted with test fires in hallways where some bedroom doors were closed and others open. It showed the rooms with the doors shut had a temperatures difference of hundreds of degrees and the damage to the closed room significantly less. 

Not only should you shut your door when you sleep, but you also need to make sure you have the proper amount of smoke alarms should a fire break out. One should be in every bedroom, one in the halls outside where you sleep and one on every floor of your home. 

Also, as it starts to feel like spring, you might be tempted to throw open the window at night, but it comes with concern from a fire standpoint.

“People that sleep with their window open are introducing oxygen into their home. Fire tends to go directly toward that. If you sleep with your door closed, it creates a bit of a barrier to prevent that fire from going to that window. If the door is open and the window open, you are drawing that fire right to you no matter where you are in the house,” Ferando said. 

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