WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Deadlines are real when you’re staring one in the face. There’s a big one Monday in Trumbull County for an important judge’s race.

When Judge Kontos retired July 31, the clock started ticking. Governor DeWine would pick a replacement, and the November election would pick a person to finish the term. Trumbull County Republicans had a plan.

“Originally, I wanted to pick that name that the governor chose to put on the ballot in November,” said Michael Bollas, chairman of the Trumbull County Republican Party.

The party sent three recommendations last night to the governor. David Engler, Margo Meola, and Sarah Kovoor — all attorneys. But it doesn’t expect the governor to make his decision before Monday’s filing deadline for the ballot.

“We didn’t know the timeframe that the governor was going to pick a candidate,’ Bollas said.

Trumbull County Republicans will hold an emergency meeting Sunday of the central committee. Their plan is to pick a candidate, even if it doesn’t match who the governor eventually picks.

“It would be uncomfortable, but like I say, the governor has his timeframe, the Board of Elections has theirs with their forms,” Bollas said.

The name that Republicans want on the ballot will be turned into the Board of Elections on Monday.
Then they’ll take a deep breath and get to work.

“We just have to get out the word to support our candidate and hopefully the voters in Trumbull County will vote Republican,” Bollas said.

Bollas has only been the Trumbull County Republican chairman for a week, and he’s been juggling these deadlines.

Trumbull County Democrats reportedly plan to submit Cynthia Rice as their candidate.