(WKBN) – Summer is officially over and winter is here. With the lack of sunshine, you may be tempted to hop in a tanning bed to keep your tan for the year, but you might want to think again. The Cleveland Clinic shared the dangers of using tanning beds.

As we get closer to the winter months and there are fewer hours of sunlight during the day, using a tanning bed may sound like a good option to keep your tan, however, this can be extremely dangerous for your overall health, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

So is it worth it?

The Cleveland Clinic says there are many reasons to avoid using tanning beds altogether.

“I think there is a misperception that tan skin is healthy skin, and so they feel like if they go to the tanning bed, then they are healthier, which is just a myth. Tanning beds are dangerous and they markedly increase your risk of skin cancer,” said Dr. Melissa Piliang of the Cleveland Clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic also explains how using tanning beds puts your eyes at risk for cataracts and ocular melanoma. Not only is skin cancer a threat but using tanning beds put your body at risk for developing all forms of cancer, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic says your risk for developing cancer can go up as much as 15% for every four times you visit the tanning bed.

“If you’re a tanning bed user, stop. But even if you haven’t stopped, go talk to your dermatologist. Let them look at your skin, make sure you don’t have any skin cancer already. Let them talk to you about what to worry about and what to look for in the future,” said Dr. Piliang.

Using self-tanners or spray tans can give you that desired glow without putting you at risk for skin cancer.