YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two days after high winds ripped through the Valley, many are still dealing with the aftermath.

Despite the rain, cleanup crews were out putting things back to normal.

At Tod Homestead Cemetery in Youngstown, trees were scattered across the lawn. The superintendent says the high winds knocked down about 10 massive trees. Some headstones were knocked over but not broken. They are working to clear those trees to have funerals as scheduled.

“I got the backhoe and started clearing some roads to get them opened up for people to come through. It was bad. It’s just bad, you know, 50-60 mile-an-hour winds. You’re dealing with old trees, probably close to 100 years old, if not older,” explained Field Superintendent Doug Helmick.

Helmick and his team are working to get everything cleaned up as soon as possible