CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN)- Campbell City Schools announced that students in grades K-6 will not have to report to class on Thursday due to a bus driver shortage.

Superintendent Matthew Bowen said on the school’s Facebook page that only three drivers reported for duty due to unforeseen circumstances. Bowen said that students only in grades K-6 will be adversely affected at this time.

Bowen told community members not to worry, saying that the district has hired recent drivers that are currently a part of their training certification program.

“Help is on the way!” Bowen said.

The district plans to create a future three-driver contingency, staggered modified school day schedule for K6 students in anticipation of future limited bus driver scenarios.

Bowen said that school will go on as scheduled for students at Northeast Ohio Impact Academy, Memorial High School, MCCTC, and the preschool.