SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – The city of Sharon may be taking more drastic measures to stop accidents at a known dangerous intersection.

The corner of East Connelly Boulevard and Spencer Avenue has had over a dozen accidents that caused injuries or fatalities. 

City manager Bob Fiscus said there have been two accidents at the intersection in the last few days. This sparked more changes to be discussed.

City council met to discuss temporarily closing the two dangerous intersections but they weren’t able to close them yet.

One of the major visual obstacles that make this intersection so dangerous is a hill that’s pretty steep and makes it very, very difficult to see oncoming traffic when you’re stopped at the red light.

Many drivers have crept up to be able to see around the hill, even after the red light has turned green to make sure they are able to cross safely.

All around the intersection of Spencer Ave. and E Connelly Blvd., signs are posted in remembrance of a driver, Michael Davies, who was killed at that intersection in Nov. of 2021. The signs are also calling for the intersection to be closed.

“Someone lost their life there so, I mean, that weighs heavily on our decision-making,” said Fiscus.

Council has taken action at this dangerous intersection before. Just this spring they made Spencer a ‘No Turn on Red.’

“We first looked at the signalization and we changed the timing to the flow as the lights change. We continued to trim back foliage and such,” said Fiscus.

Citizens would like to see more done, but not all agree that closing the intersection is the right call.

“Maybe put signs on the traffic lights warning of a dangerous intersection ahead. Maybe trimming some of the trees that are lining the street,” said resident Bob Astey.

On Thursday, Fiscus will meet with PennDOT to discuss a temporary road closure. Connelly is a freeway and is under PennDOT’s control. If PennDOT agrees, Sharon will close both the north side of Spencer and Service avenues where they meet at E Connelly Blvd. for 30 days.