YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The roads were one of the biggest concerns today. With the snow we’ve had, the plow drivers have been working to try and keep up with it.

Youngstown crews have been working since Sunday to keep the roads clean, but the constant snowfall made it hard for crews to keep up. As one pass of a road is completed, it’s followed up with another layer of snow.

One official told us earlier they’ve been working around the clock to plow the roads.

“We have 13 available trucks and we’re running 12-hour shifts. So these guys don’t go home until we hit everything. So we’ll be operating 24/7 until all streets are passable,” said Kevin Flinn, buildings and grounds commissioner for the city of Youngstown.

He also said to make sure you give the plows some room when you see them on the road.