YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The City of Youngstown has put out a request for proposals (RFP) for the purchase of South Field House.

South Field House is located on the city’s South Side, behind the old South High School.

In December, city council approved an ordinance allowing the city to advertise proposals for the sale of the building. Right now, it’s not clear how long the RFP will be open for interested parties to respond to.

However, city officials want to make sure that the buyer puts it to good use. So they will hear proposals on possible plans for the building and decide if they want to move forward with a sale from there.

“Somebody to put that historic building back into place, or do something with it that benefits the community as a whole,” said First Ward Councilman Julius Oliver.

South Field House is located in Oliver’s ward. He said he has been wanting someone to revitalize the old building for years and believes it has great potential.

In September 2021, an open house was held at the building. At that time, an appraisal put the renovation costs at around $1.2 million. But it’s unclear if that number has changed since that time.

Still, Oliver says he hopes to see something come of the space.

“I would like to see something that’s gonna benefit our youth. I would like to see something to deal with sports since it’s already a sports complex, something that’s gonna be able to expand and affect the community around it,” Oliver said.