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City of Warren tearing down old commercial properties

The city is using more than $150,000 in Community Development Block Grants

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - The city of Warren is looking to clean up eyesores located on the arteries of the city.

Well, thanks to grant dollars the city has the means to demolish boarded up commercial properties like the one located on the corner of Larchmont and Martha and about 10 more just like it.

"We've selected the most dilapidated and the most damaged properties all over the city to do," said Enzo Cantalamessa, director of Service and Safety in Warren.

The city is using more than $150,000 in Community Development Block Grants. 

The city of Warren is tearing down commercial properties, most of which are located along heavily traveled roads leading in and out of the city.

"We know that they're highly visible, high traffic counts so we deliberately wanted to go after these types of commercial structures," said Warren Mayor Doug Franklin.

Some on the list have already been demolished. Others like this one, just in the beginning phases of deconstruction.

This particular building was the scene of a fire last year and has since been deemed dangerous.

It's a noticeable eyesore located on the newly resurfaced Youngstown Road. But one that will soon be gone.

"Having the money to be able to do that is very important for us and it's a benefit to the neighbors as well and to the image of the city," Cantalamessa said.

City officials say tearing down properties like this one is a way to boost the businesses already located here in the city and attract new ones to the area.

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