WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – There was a Warren City Council meeting on Thursday to talk about snow removal. There, we learned that seven of the city’s 10 snowplows are at least 17 years old and three are 29 years old. With that in mind, council was told to expect a request to buy new trucks.

Warren Safety Service Director Eddie Colbert told city council Thursday afternoon that come the first meeting of February, he’ll ask for $950,000 in American Rescue Plan money to buy five new plow trucks.

“If we’re going to have these guys out there, we got to give them adequate tools to do the job,” Colbert said.

Patrick Larson was one of the drivers plowing Warren’s snow.

“We gotta get workers and equipment, we got to. That is the way to get things done faster,” Larson said.

They worked 12-hour shifts from Sunday night through Thursday with 11 drivers on one shift and nine on the other.

“For a snow like this, that is nowhere near enough. You can’t do it,” Larson said.

“We start with our main roads,” said Frank Tempesta, Warren’s superintendent of operations.

Tempesta said the main roads come first, then the neighborhoods because of emergency services.

“If we can get them close to the neighborhoods then we can worry about them going through a few blocks of untreated roads,” Tempesta said.

There were complaints, like Dennis Stout who blows snow for his neighbors around Vernon and Comstock avenues NW — some of which, a plow covered back up.

“Hell, they come down through yesterday and plowed and knocked all the trash cans down and all that snow went in everybody’s driveway, and I know they don’t have to push it that hard,” Stout said.

Kim Floyd of Rogers Avenue SE was so upset with a business across the street that she called the police.

“The moron sat there and took snow from the street and his parking lot and pulled it right into my driveway. What can we do?” Floyd asked.

Shawn Allen said it’s moments like these where everyone needs to help.

“Let’s have a little more community here. Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk, go to help the elderly. Don’t come here and complain about it,” Allen said.

Warren’s Operations Department has had five people quit since mid-November and it has been hard finding replacements. Applicants need a commercial driver’s license and the city will train them. With a CDL, a driver can leave for twice the money. It was mentioned that if the city’s going to train them, drivers should be required to stay for a while.