STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – It has been a problem affecting all sectors of the economy. Now, a local community is looking for innovative ways to attract new hires.

Struthers Mayor Catherine Cercone Miller recently posted “help wanted” flyers on LinkedIn indicating the city will be offering civil service exams for its safety forces.

Both the fire and police departments have openings and the mayor says she’d like to bring on new manpower before current employees retire in the next few years.

“We tried to reach out to all of our social media aspects — LinkedIn, Facebook. We put it in ‘The Vindicator,’ in our ‘Hometown Journal.’ We’re trying to really get out there and get as many good candidates as we possibly can,” Cercone Miller said.

The exams for both police officer and firefighter positions will be offered on Jan. 7. Those who are interested can contact the mayor’s office at Struthers City Hall.