SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – The City of Salem has been without a mayor for about a week. The former mayor, John Berlin, retired at the end of July after serving for 10 years. Monday night, the Republican Central Committee of Salem announced the new mayor, a historic choice for the city.

For over 200 years, Salem’s mayor has always been a man, until today.

Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey sat in the Dale Shaffer Research Library surrounded by members of the Republican Central Committee of Salem, two of the city’s formers mayors, friends and family.

She was the only person who applied to become the city’s new mayor. During her interview, she said her experience makes her a good candidate.

“I’ve been on Salem City Council as the 4th Ward representative for 11 years, and most of that time as rules and ordinance chairman,” she said.

After a unanimous vote, she was sworn in by her brother, Judge Tom Baronzzi, with her husband, John Dickey, holding the Bible, officially making her Salem’s first-ever female mayor.

“I think there are a lot of qualified women in the area who would be great as a mayor but I’m proud to be the first,” Baronzzi Dickey said.

“When I started to think today that it’s been 216 years since the city’s founding and there’s never been any female mayor,” said Dave Johnson, chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party.

Even though Monday was her first day, she already wants to expand the communication with city council.

“When council is voting on an issue, they know the background to it, they know the reasons why and they know what they’re giving up by voting for this particular thing,” Baronzzi Dickey said.

Baronzzi Dickey would also like to have an open-door policy for her office, but she’s going to have to make the transition from council member to mayor.

“This is administrative and that was legislative and so it’s coming at it from a whole different angle of more managing and keeping the peace and making sure things flow,” Baronzzi Dickey said.

“Cyndi is a leader, gets along with everyone, she’s community-minded,” Johnson said.

The Central Committee has to fill vacancies both for the 4th Ward and the president of council.

Baronzzi Dickey says she plans to run to be elected as mayor in November 2023.