Fire chief cites unsafe conditions; orders demo of Brothers of Power club in Youngstown

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A demolition order issued Tuesday by Fire Chief Barry Finley says the building is in danger of collapsing

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The city’s fire chief has issued an emergency order, calling for the demolition of a north side Youngstown social club, which was the site of a triple homicide last weekend.

A sign on the door from the city’s code enforcement office says the Brothers of Power Classic Cars on Logan Avenue has an order to vacate the premises due to a violation of “general property maintenance.” The sign says the structure is “unsafe.”

A demolition order issued Tuesday by Fire Chief Barry Finley says the building is a “danger to firefighters” and could collapse. Finley cited holes in the roof, floor and said the basement ceiling is collapsing. In addition, he cited a bio-hazard from the recent shooting there.

Around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, police were called to the car club for reports of gunfire. Three people were killed and two were hurt in the shooting. 

Police believe Daniel Ortello and Charles Pullen died after exchanging gunfire.

As people were running away, police said Robert Shelton shot Dymond Ortello in the parking lot in front of an officer. He was able to get away, but police arrested him on Tuesday.

Brothers of Power has no state permits to sell alcohol, but the city’s law director said that’s not what was seen when police seized surveillance video from the shooting.

“The videotape clearly shows the service of alcohol, the purchasing of drinks, liquor everywhere,” said Law Director Jeff Limbian.

Limbian was one of several people who inspected the club Tuesday. He said walking on the floor is actually a health and safety threat.

“When you walk on it, it actually bounces,” he said.

Now, he wonders how officials have not heard about the club before this.

“No one in the neighborhood said anything. Everyone kept their mouths shut, I think, because they were having fun in the middle of the night after bars closed,” he said.

The notice on the door of the club says the recipient of the order can appeal to the city’s Property Maintenance Appeals Board within 15 days, but Limbian hopes to have the place torn down in the next few weeks.

The owner of Brothers of Power, Robert Taylor, is in federal prison, serving about nine years on drug charges.

There is an apartment over the bar, where a tenant was staying when a news crew arrived Wednesday. Tuesday, he was given 48 hours to vacate.

Also on Wednesday, Shelton was arraigned Wednesday on the murder charge, and his bond was set at $1 million.

Jasmine Jackson, the woman who was arrested Tuesday with Shelton at an apartment in Liberty, had a warrant for missing a court hearing in Struthers. At this point, she hasn’t been charged in connection to Tuesday’s incident.

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