(WKBN) — Friday marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Many can’t believe the war is still raging on.

It was somber in Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church. Fifteen people attended a service to remember those affected by the Russian invasion.

“I don’t think people initially believed that Russia would attack a sovereign state,” said Father Lubomir Zhybak, of Holy Trinity Church.

Father Lubomir Zhybak has relatives living in Western Ukraine. He told First News they are doing the best they can, but a lot of activity spread to that part of the country.

“Power outages and of course, strikes, missile strikes, you name it,” Zhybak said.

Father Mykola Zomchak is the pastor at Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church and his family in Ukraine is also encountering similar struggles.

“They’re dealing with a lot this time,” Zomchak said. “I can’t imagine what it feels like to experience it.”

But even in the midst of struggles …

“People still have to live their lives. And when I talk to my parents, you know, they mention the horror that the terrifying events that are taking place in Ukraine. And it’s hard to believe,” Zomchak said.

Michael Walkoweic attends Saints Peter and Paul Church. He got a tattoo to honor Ukraine.

“Grain, which Ukraine is known for producing. Yellow and blue, or the Ukrainian colors. And you have our trident, which is the symbol of Ukraine. Up here on the top is this Ukrainian embroidery, which you see many Ukrainian costumes made out of,” Walkoweic said.

Walkoweic is proud of Ukraine’s fight.

“They are protecting the whole world. Because if this goes any further past, Ukraine is going to escalate into World War III. There is no doubt.”

Everyone First News spoke to is thankful for other countries supporting Ukraine. They hope the war will end soon and that peace and solidarity will return to the country.