WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — First Presbyterian Church in Warren was a recipient of the Save America’s Treasures endowment, a national fund that helps preserve significant properties in America.

It is using the money to restore their stained glass windows.

“Stained-glass windows tend to flex and sag over time, so the repair was imperative,” said church elder Ray Rubrake.

Much of the glass hasn’t been touched since the church was built in 1876.

Over time, paint faded and window frames bent, leading the church to apply for the grant over the past few years.

This past September, it finally received the grant. It will help restore 22 of the church’s 23 stained-glass windows.

“A big, big part of restoring these windows is not only for historical preservation but also so that we can continue to operate our missions,” said church elder Mary Ann Bromley.

The national endowment only covered half of the cost of the restoration of the windows. The other half is being covered by the church’s own endowment fund.

“We could not have applied for the grant without that,” Bromley said.

Restorations will cost approximately $300,000.

“We’ve been caretakers and as caretakers we are responsible for the next generations that are going to worship here,” Rubrake said.

Whitney Stained Glass in Cleveland will restore the windows. Restoration will begin in the spring.