Chevy dealership reacts to GM Lordstown’s announcement to pull Chevy Cruze

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Chevy dealerships and customers are reacting to GM’s announcement to end production in Lordstown.

Greg Greenwood, owner of Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown, and some customers spoke about the Chevy Cruze’s future and what this means to them.

“It’s worrisome to buy a car that they are stopping production or possibly, you know, that they won’t be producing it locally,” said customer Wilma Sylak.

Sylak is thinking about buying a Chevy Cruze. But with the recent announcement that GM could end production of the small sedan, she’s thinking otherwise.

“I mean, I know other people that have Chevy Cruzes and they love them as well,” she said.

A concern for her: the value of the car itself. She says she used to own another GM product that they got rid of.

“So, that was a financial impact on me as well of getting rid of that vehicle,” Sylak said.

President Trump and Congressman Tim Ryan have both given statements on GM’s announcement. 

Greg Greenwood says not to worry though.

“Markets think forward. It’s already factored into it. Whatever the Cruze is worth today is going to be worth the same tomorrow,” he said.

Greenwood also said the discounts given to GM employees typically survive lay offs or plant closings.

“It’s just really a shame that one of the best products we’ve ever made here at Lordstown happen to be a small sedan that fell out of the public grace,” he said.

He says he thinks other products will drive the market.

“Sedans have fallen off the map in the US In terms of public favor. What’s really on fire is the small SUVs, full-size trucks,” Greenwood said.

He says it’s definitely a local blow though, and buyers are feeling that too.

“There’s so many other people that provide either supplies, materials, have to get cars to dealers, that it impacts everyone involved,” Sylak said.

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