LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – A shoplifting incident at the Walmart in Liberty escalated into a slew of charges for a Youngstown woman.

Sherriann Odem, 25, is facing charges of felonious assault, intimidation, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, vandalism, theft and obstructing official business.

She was arraigned in Girard Municipal Court on Tuesday where bail was set at $150,000.

Police were called to the store on Goldie Road at about 3:11 p.m. Monday on reports of a woman and man stealing items in the store. Police say surveillance video showed them loading items into the pockets of their clothing and duffel bags, which they also took from the store. Even a jacket that Odem had on still had the tags from the store on it, police said.

As police tried to stop Odem as she was leaving the store, a chase ensued across the parking lot. According to a police report, officers were able to catch her and they brought her and the man she was with, later identified as 69-year-old George Hauser, back into the store where an inventory of the stolen merchandise was tallied at $1,365.

Things ended there for Hauser but not for Odem. Police say Odem started complaining about having a seizure so EMS was called and she refused treatment. Next, officers told Odem that she was going to be charged with felony theft and that’s when they say things got violent.

Officers say Odem threatened to put a mob hit on them from some “mafia” connections she has in Pennsylvania. She started banging her head on the wall and kicking officers, giving one officer a bloody nose, according to the police report.

Odem continued to be combative and then had what police described as a seizure. EMS was called and she was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center where she continued to be combative, threatening and uncooperative with workers at the hospital, the report stated.

After being cleared from the hospital, Odem was taken to the Trumbull County Jail. Inside her purse at booking, officers found suspected crack cocaine in her hooded sweatshirt, the report stated.

Hauser was charged with theft, and his bond was set at $7,500. He is due back in court Dec. 21.