Charges filed in alleged animal abuse case in Mecca where dog was found dead

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Charges have been filed against a Mecca couple accused of neglecting their dogs.

Danielle Dean her fiance Lance Martinez are each facing a misdemeanor prohibitions concerning companion animals charge.

“You gotta take care of them, and if you can’t take care of them maybe ownership’s not for you,” said Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich, Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office.

The charges stem from an incident on Tuesday when deputies say a neighbor found one of the couple’s dogs dead inside a doghouse and another that didn’t have food or water.

When deputies arrived, they said it was obvious that neither dog had been properly taken care of.

“They were concerned about the appearance of the dog that was alive, they were concerned about the surroundings. They looked at the what would be a water bucket and a dog food bowl — it didn’t appear they’d been used recently,” Dragovich said.

While they were there, deputies say one of the dogs’ owners came home.

“When he was asked, ‘When’s the last time you fed the dog?’ It was a couple days ago. It’s just not appropriate,” Dragovich said.

The surviving dog was taken to the Animal Welfare League. The staff there says other than being a little thin, the dog doesn’t appear to have any other medical issues.

Dean and Martinez were each issued a summons and are expected to be in central district court Friday morning.

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