YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Court papers show that prosecutors dropped charges against a man accused of a triple shooting in which one of the victims was paralyzed because a witness changed her testimony.

Prosecutors said the witness changed her testimony in an April 5 hearing and she was no longer going to be able to identify Shawta Hasley, 27, as the person who wounded three people in a May 7 shooting in the 100 block of Willis Avenue.

One of those victims, a then-17-year-old girl and Chaney High School student, was left paralyzed.

Hasley was to go on trial Monday, but the case was dismissed Friday.

Prosecutors in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court asked Judge Maureen Sweeney to dismiss the case “without prejudice,” meaning the case is not dismissed forever. It can be brought forward again if new evidence is found.

In their motion to dismiss, prosecutors said the witness was the only one they had who could identify Hasley as the person who pulled the trigger.

The motion said the witness had indicated in conversations with prosecutors after the hearing that “the witness felt her life was more important than her testimony, and she did not want to identify anyone as the shooter.”

Prosecutors had previously felt the witness would cooperate, but when it was apparent she would not, they filed a motion to dismiss.

Hasley has been released from the Mahoning County Jail, court records show. He had been in the jail since he was arrested a few days after the shooting.