YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Catalytic converters were stolen from two local organizations within days of each other, according to reports from the Youngstown Police Department.

Police were called to talk to an EasterSeals representative on November 7 and a Salvation Army representative on November 15.

Reports said the EasterSeals representative told police that an unknown man cut all of the catalytic converters off their vehicles and took them shortly before 5 a.m. Police said there is security footage of the man.

“Someone might drive by and look at our feel of vehicles as a quick money grab, cash grab and too many other it’s the exact opposite. They drive by and see it as their lifeline. It’s a lifeline to a meal. It’s a lifeline to an appointment, a medical appointment,” said Jodi Klase, a spokesperson for Easter Seals.

There were also converter thefts reported at the Salvation Arm on Glenwood Avenue.

Reports said that when a vehicle there was checked, it was very loud. Reports said that it was discovered that a converter was missing from that vehicle, and converters from two other vehicles were also missing.

Police said that camera footage shows a male riding on a bicycle until he goes behind two trucks for about 20 minutes before leaving toward West Chalmers Avenue.

Officers said that the male appeared to change the color of the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing from a light color to black, but officers could not determine if the camera made the color look different or if he changed the sweatshirt behind the trucks.

Police have not determined whether or not one person was responsible for both theft incidents, but they’re investigating.

Police are warning scrap businesses of the risk of receiving stolen property.

“We would just suggest that the businesses who are accepting metals be very cognizant of the story of who’s bringing them in, what they’re accepting and to maybe ask for some proof or some positive identification of what they’re bringing in,” said Youngstown Police Captain Jason Simon. “

Anyone with information about either theft is asked to contact police.