CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN)- Around 100 cats live in the empty apartments in Campbell which cover three blocks. A plan has been put in place to attempt to trap, neuter, and rehome many of the cats living in them.

The project begins Friday morning and will last through the weekend.

It’s been split into two phases. Phase one began back in January which focused on rescuing cats in Campbell’s second, third, and fourth wards. Phase two focuses on the abandoned apartments, and preparing the cats for new homes.

Friday’s efforts focus solely on trapping the cats.

The trapped cats will be transported off site to the mobile clinic that will be set up beginning early Saturday morning. There they’ll be spayed and neutered. They will also receive a rabies vaccine along with additional treatment depending on their needs and condition.

The trapped cats will remain at the clinic until all trapping is finished.

“Sometimes at this time of year especially we see a lot of respiratory infections, fleas, and parasites. We’re going to take care of those problems before they either are rehomed in other barns in other safe locations and some of the kittens will hopefully find new homes,” said Michelle Gonzalez of Rascal Unit Mobile Vet Clinic.

Animal rescue organizations in Ohio and Pennsylvania are leading the effort.

“Clearly these cats are able to reproduce because nobody’s taking care of them, but if you just simply take cats and remove them from a situation other cats are going to come in and pollinize,”

Gonzalez said that TNR is the most safe, effective, and humane way of controlling cats responsible.

The rescue group responsible for doing the trapping today is Riggi Rescue out of the Tallmadge/Akron area.

People in the area were urged by Riggi Rescue to stop feeding the cats by noon yesterday, as it could interfere with the entire rescue as well as not approach the traps if they come across them.

According to trappers, the cats must be hungry to go into the traps and they don’t want food in their bodies due to anesthesia.

Cats that they haven’t found homes for will be returned to the area. You can visit the Riggi Rescue Facebook page and leave a comment if you’d like to adopt a cat.

Gonzalez said that in most cases with TNR projects they want to return the animals to the same location, but ultimately their goal is to at least put them in safer places to allow them to live the rest of their lives without contributing to the cat population problem.