Car slams into Wisconsin plow truck

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Wisconsin snow plow crash

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared dashcam video of a snow plow accident to remind drivers to slow down and give snowplows extra room. 

The video posted on Twitter shows how snowplows often create a cloud of snow that can reduce visibility. Vehicles rushing up behind a plow may not see it until it’s too late. 

Giving snow plows a wide berth is the best thing drivers can do to help drivers get their work done. 

Plows often work near the center line when clearing the roadway, so it’s advisable to give an oncoming plow as much space as possible, ODOT officials said. 

Also, keep in mind when a driver follows too close to a plow truck, the headlights create a blinding reflection in the plow driver’s side mirrors. Plow drivers are always checking those mirros to make sure material is coming off the back of the truck properly. 

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