JOHNSTON TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A two-vehicle crash caused minor injuries Sunday afternoon after a driver suffered from a medical emergency.

The incident happened at Bacconi’s Lickety Split in Johnston Township, where people were waiting in line for ice cream.

After the driver had the medical emergency, his vehicle hit a parked truck that slid into the group of pedestrians.

“We’re very blessed to be here. If that truck wasn’t there, this could have turned out a lot worse,” said Eddie Sanders, a father who was at there at the time.

Sanders was with his wife and son getting ice cream when he heard a telephone pole snap behind him.

“As I turned to my right, I seen a red F150 parked here… and I saw the F150 coming at me. We all kind of shoved toward the store to get out of the way,” he said.

Sanders said the SUV continued driving after it hit the truck and almost stuck a house on Greenville Drive.

“I went up to the driver. He said, ‘Oh, I fell asleep and hit everything.’ He had to be going pretty quick coming through there,” Sanders said.

“It’s common for people that suffer a medical condition to end up putting their foot on the gas, applying more pressure and going faster,” said state trooper Michael Wilson.

The accident caused minor injuries to eight pedestrians.

Wilson said a great tragedy was avoided. He said people should use this as a lesson when going out with their kids.

“If these kids were just running wild, they could have been struck in the parking lot. Thank goodness these parents had a keen eye on their children so that this was avoided and didn’t happen today,” Wilson said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Cortland Fire Department responded to the scene.