WARREN, Ohio (WKBN)- A Warren man was cited for OVI and other charges and he was accused of driving into a business early Friday morning

Officers were called to the intersection of Youngstown Rd. SE and Adelaide Avenue SE around 2 a.m.

Police said that the vehicle went through a light pole and a brick wall at the side of a building. Nearby surveillance video recorded the crash.

When officers arrived, they saw Elijah Cofield, 25, of Warren and the passenger standing on the sidewalk outside of the vehicle.

Reports said that Cofield told police that as they were driving, another vehicle came up next to them in the left lane and sideswiped them, causing them to crash. Reports said that a witness told police that Cofield was trying to race another car, but Cofield claimed he was hit.

Officers said that Cofield was bleeding from the face while the passenger’s face was swollen. Reports said that Cofield passed out while he was being moved into an ambulance.

Reports said that the passenger was not able to stand well and eventually fell onto the ground in the street. Police said that the passenger smacked her head on the ground and appeared to lose consciousness. Her condition is unknown, according to the report.

Cofield and the passenger were medically treated in different ambulances. Cofield was transported to St. Joe’s Hospital, while the passenger was transported to Trumbull Regional Medical Center.

When Cofield arrived at the hospital, police said that he refused to have his blood drawn to see if he was intoxicated. When an officer was checking Cofield’s pants to find his driver’s license, they found a baggie in his back pants pocket containing suspected narcotics. The substances were seized for evidence and sent for testing.

Cofield was cited for OVI, failure to control a motor vehicle, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. His next court date is scheduled for Monday, August 22 at 8:30 a.m.

Johnny Chechitelli contributed to this report.