Canfield teens accused of stealing golf cart, posting video of vandalism

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Three teenagers from Canfield, who detectives say took videos of themselves and posted them on YouTube, could be in quite a lot of trouble.

According to a report filed with the sheriff’s office, the kids stole a golf cart from Kennsington Golf Club in Canfield last month and vandalized the course — all for the fun of it.

Mahoning County Sheriff’s Detective Pat Mondora said the kids recorded themselves stealing a golf cart.

“We obtained copies of the video because they had posted them on a social media website, and then we were able to identify the three juveniles,” Mondora said.

The video contains a graphic that says, “Stealing a golf cart as fake employees.”

Reports filed with the sheriff’s office late last month say the teens drove around harassing golfers and then ran over markers on the course.

“Possible charges right now are vandalism because it’s a golf course and there’s almost $800 worth of damage done to the golf course, theft for the golf cart and criminal trespass. They weren’t supposed to be there,” Mondora said.

At this point, detectives say they have talked with the teens’ parents.

They stress they’re not trying to go after kids having a little fun.

“Pranks are fine and dandy — you’re not hurting anyone. But when you’re out committing a prank and you’re causing damage to someone’s livelihood, like a golf course or something like that…you cross a line,” Mondora said.

Management at the golf club did not want to talk about what happened.

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